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Cáscada en Amuntai


Hans-Peter Messmer 


Great location right on a small river with bathing on a sandy beach. Very nice staff and excellent food. Gepfnahm Anlage with responsible Cabanas.

Manuel Zapata

United States

Unbelievable experience and decor
Nothing to complain

Sebastián Moya


Beautiful experience in the Ecuadorian Amazon
Super personalized attention, all were very friendly and the facilities first.

Emre Cagli


In and around Palora this is the best choice
This facility is way above the average level of sophistication around its geography. Itis a relatively new facility (1.5 years). It is not deep into the jungle yet sufficiently away from the nearby town of Palora to feel tranquil. A lovely couple and son run the property. The father even gives a personal jungle tour with a primitive boat in their own lagoon which was some experience. The meals were not extraordinary but alright. The rooms were quite spacious and very clean. I believe as they gain more experience, this place will be one of the best choices in this part of Ecuador.

AndresOrmaza Vintimilla


Excellent, located in a heavenly place, where you find peace, tranquility, and fun both inside and outside its comfortable facilities. With first-class attention, friendliness, cordiality and special treatment for its visitors.
The first and best gastronomy in Ecuador OUR ECUADORIAN EAST.

John Katunich

United States

Staff is amazingly warm and wonderful.... they make you so at home. It was the perfect place to unwind and relax! I will be back certainly!

Juan Sebastian Escobar Charpentier


Excellent service, very good food, facilities in perfect condition, a little far, but worth it, it is an incredible place.

Norman Czapka


Unique location, great hosts, great bungalows and great food. All in the middle of nature.

Luis Larrea 


It is a paradise, places like Amuntai is an eden everything is perfect.

Karlita Ayala 


Spectacular.!! 😍❤️😍 Nature overdose. !!

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